Little Hartley is a place full of love and colour. A school where little learners explore, learn and grow by playing and singing freely and merrily. We at Little Hartley promise every child a home away from home and help them take their first steps towards a holistic education.

We ensure that the child loves to learn and is ready to take responsibility for self- learning. The school fosters the natural development of the creative bent of mind enabling them to explore their own interest areas. 

Little Hartley has technically trained teachers who are experts in experienced management and use innovative teaching methods to provide the best-in-class learning environment.

Little Hartley is under the aegis of Hartley Higher Educational Trust which is managing reputed Junior and Higher Secondary schools in Kolkata.


To cherish and enhance the early days that will lead the young mind to be confident and become lifelong learners by providing a safe environment and endless learning opportunities.

  • To provide every child a Home away from Home
  • To provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience in school
  • To nurture self confidence in every child
  • To provide opportunity for creative, self-expression through play, music and art
  • To develop their ability to share, help and interact with others
  • To enhance curriculum, special classroom visitors are invited. Children are made aware of environmental, safety and nutrition and are taken to field trips are invited.


Sarat Bose Road
11/4, Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata 700020
Ph 033 2290 3451
Garcha Road
60A, Garcha Road
Kolkata 700019
Suren Sarkar Road
64/7, Suren Sarkar Road
Kolkata 700010


Chairman's message

Sri Govind Garg

Little Hartley started in 2013 as the pre primary wing of Hartley Higher Secondary School. After developing more than a thousand minds per year, Little Hartley is now set to open branches all over Kolkata and West Bengal in near future.

Little Hartley aims to nurture young minds as learners, infuse values and arm them with necessary skills that will help them independent, responsible global citizen. It is for the first time your child will step out of home. We take this opportunity to welcome you to Little Hartley where we will empower your little ones and shape their future through a holistic development. So let your child move from concrete to abstract, the known to unknown and the informal to formal.

Little Hartley provides an ideal platform for a child to discover learning is Fun, learning is joyous.

Message from the Director Education

Col Shrish Kamboj (Retired)

Little Hartley is a chain of Pre – Schools, designed to cater to the Pre – Schooling needs of students from the age group two to five years. The Curriculum of the School is based on our Philosophy to provide freedom to Children and encourage spontaneous interaction. The School provides students with a culturally appropriate environment and values, love and protection needed to grow in body, mind and spirit. After browsing through the website you will get a glimpse of the various aspects of life we have to offer at “Little Hartley”. The child, who enters into the cheerful and colourful corridors of the School will be motivated to learn and explore everything that hers / his young mind wishes to in an loving, caring and a positive learning environment.

 Your child deserves the BEST and the moment she or he joins “ Little Hartley”, the experienced and well qualified Staff would be Happy to take her / him to a journey which is enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. We look forward to welcoming your child to The Little Hartley Family – A School With A Difference

From The principal's Desk

Dr. (Mrs) Maitreyi Das

The challenge is not in identifying winners: it is making Winners out of ordinary students.

To a great extent, the success of an educational institute depends on its principles. Education is not to reform students or to make them expert technicians. It is to widen their horizon, ignite their intellect, and teach them to think straight and discover their hidden potential. We are here to inspire them inculcate a belief that “you can do it.” We should provide three basic human needs – love, discipline and independence. If one always say that “you are a bright kid”, “We are proud of you”, no doubt we will find that their life has taken a different shape and values. We in Little Hartley would stress on making positive statements. We as a teacher or leader, should always notice where they do right and appreciate them as how wonderful they are.

The purpose of life is to bring out the best which is lying dormant within us- M.Williamson